We would like to take a moment to introduce you to the Bakersfield City Association of Retired Employees or, BCARE.

BCARE is a California Non-Profit Benefit Corporation with the specific purpose of educating, preserving and promoting the general welfare, and coordinating the desires and objectives of retired City of Bakersfield employees.  We are an IRS recognized 501 (c) (5) non-profit organization.



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It is the 2020 Insurance Plan for Retirees.
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The proposed plan has been approved by the Personnel Committee,
but still needs approval by the City Council.

BCARE was formed in 2010 after the City of Bakersfield attempted to contract its retiree insurance services with the now defunct Exclusive Care Select, administered by the County of Riverside. 

Fortunately, an ad hoc group of volunteers rallied additional retirees and through a show of support at a single council meeting were able to stave off the purposed move.  The result of having been forced into the Exclusive Care Select system would have been catastrophic. 
BCARE has been vigilant in monitoring the status of our Retiree insurance. The city manager appoints a representative to the insurance committee, but that representative has no committee vote and does not have a list of active retirees and is, therefore, unable to disseminate information or solicit input regarding items being considered by the committee.  BCARE is that representative’s best source in which to communicate with City of Bakersfield retirees.  But we can’t communicate with you if we can’t reach you.  Staying informed and being accessible insures you’ll know the status of your health care benefits and be alerted in the event substantial changes are proposed.

If you are not yet a member of BCARE, please join.  Download your application here.