(Notice from the RPEA – Retired Public Employees’ Association)

The Sacramento Bee released an article recently announcing the launch of a public pension database by a government reform group associated with Marcia Fritz, one of the primary opponents of reasonable public pensions.

While the state’s largest pension fund, CalPERS, abandoned a similar project, the Tustin-based California Public Policy Center has activated its own database. It will continuously update TransparentCalifornia.com whenever it receives new data.


 In the article, Harvey Robinson, President of the 28,000-member Retired Public Employees’ Association of California, said that pensioners will be “outraged” as word about the database spreads. “We certainly are concerned about that information creating vulnerability for retirees,” he said.

We have always believed that releasing this public pension database is mean-spirited and unnecessarily exposes retirees to scams and the crimes promoted when personal IDs become public domain.

RPEA leadership is submitting letters to address this topic. We will keep our members posted as this issue progresses.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.

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